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Samchon has used Naga as a representation of themselves.

Naga Toto

Samchon has used Naga as Naga Toto a representation of themselves.

He appears in the first chapter where he and Hyena is standing up against the Cheetah Thief who stole a motorcycle. After the thief tries to run over the two, Naga uses his telekinesis to dissemble the bike. Later Naga is seen waving goodbye as the thief is caught by the police. After the reveal of returning what the Cheetah Thief stole, the Flight Team turn around to look at the destroyed motorcycle.

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Dana and Guineung discovered Naga during a bank robbery while all three were taken hostage. The two noticed Naga attempting to knock out a criminal with his telekinetic powers by applying a forceful hit to the head, and the two led him to aim for the solar plexus. After realizing it, Naga decides to destroy all the guns the robbers were using to threaten the hostages and he teleported away, but not before Guineung took note of his uniform and student name tag.

He can fly up to great speeds. It is unsure if this is part of telekinesis or an independent power on its own.


Naga, Sahara, and Otter seem to be classmates and very good friends. Sahara and Otter sometimes worry about Naga about his work. The three seem to have known each other for a long time, in a flashback the three are shown flying around when they were children.

Don39t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Videos AnimePlanet Naga is a teenage Hero who was recruited to SPOON, a crime-fighting organization, to defeat KNIFE. He works with Sasa, and Hyena in the Flight Team. He is 17 at the.

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Don39t Toy with Me Miss Nagatoro TV Series 2021 IMDb

Story [ ] Chapter 0 [ ]

He uses this regularly to look through his eyelids while his eyes are closed, it is implied in the past that he practiced it due to wanting to see through clothes, but instead he saw people's internal organs.


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YouTube Eunbidan is pretty enough to make Naga blush, and later on she protects Naga from Lady to apologize for the actions of Number. 2. She flirts with him, but it is known that she does that often with everybody.

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Normal Mother/Son's relation. Motherly as a mother would be. She is shown arguing with Naga's Dad about Naga's wellbeing.

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He has two concept designs: one who is very sullen, timid and depressed and one who is very happy and upbeat. Both of them have black hair, this was changed because it made him look too plain (although that was the point).

Illusion Naga Gaming Facebook Water Bora was one of the Horned Invincible People to train Naga's superpowers. She also taught him how to fight better using his superhero abilities. He helps her race to leave Youngjeong, and protected their island from poachers.


Baekmorae wants Naga to join KNIFE, but Naga detests what KNIFE, and the main members do to innocent people. Naga finds him selfish since despite having experienced atrocious things, he inflicting the same pain on others and hides behind excuses such as "I did not have a choice".

Welcome! Anime Learn more about the anime adaptation Read more > W elcome to Nagatoro Wiki! This is a wiki dedicated to Nanashi 's manga and anime series Don't Toy With.


Dune is the one who taught Naga to use his superpowers for his job. Dune's first impression of Naga was negative, but their relationship improved overtime. Naga worries about Dune when he gets depressed and defends him when he gets criticized by Baekmorae.

6.4 Sahara and Otter


I adore the Nagatoro family especially their views

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro: With Sumire Uesaka, Daiki Yamashita, Kimberley Anne Campbell, Erik Scott Kimerer. High schooler Hayase Nagatoro loves to spend her free.

In contrast to his abnormal abilities, his personality is plain, it is stated in the first chapter that his defining trait is his lacking of a defining trait.


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Is the teammate of Naga. He is has years of experience as a hero and is easily worried about Naga when he works too much. Sasa worries that Naga will die at work. He does his best as his senior.

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His telekinetic superpower is extremely powerful, able to lift up entire buildings with ease, but he can have trouble focusing on stabilizing them when he is doing something else at the moment. His level of telekinesis is rare, as the majority of other telekinesis users have trouble lifting much smaller things up.



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At the end of the series, he says he may have hair thinning and parts his hair with Sasa regularly to hide it.

Nagatoro Wiki Fandom Naga cannot handle seeing gory things, he once destroyed a computer after watching a scary video, and was scared to pull out a dead pigeon from a mailbox, even with his telekinesis.


Naga when he was a baby

Totoy Bato Naga Facebook Note shown in the main story, but the two sometimes hang out and they get along very well.

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 - Naga Toto

A brother/sister and teammate like relation. Hyena defended him when a Hybrid Trafficker said they were the same and with Naga shielding her from Lady. They are shown to care for each other a lot.

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Naga Toto Profiles Facebook While being nice to each other, they do not seem to care too much about each other as well. Only interacting a few times shown. Amore has stated that there is no one on earth stronger than Naga currently, and that in ten years his cousin, Naja, will overtake him.


Powers & Abilities [ ]

He likes Dragon Ball and One Piece. His favorite character in DBZ is Piccolo.


I Don't Want This Kind of Hero Wiki

He is an animal lover, as he is shown to get distracted by a large turtle or the thought of being able to talk to dogs, his wish is having a large dog he could have a connection with.


Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro. Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro ( Japanese: イジらないで、長瀞さん, Hepburn: Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san) is a Japanese web manga series written and.

KELUARAN TOGEL PUNKTOTO HARI INI RESULT TOTO MACAU Medium He has received physical birthday presents that get delivered to the Samchon. In 2013 alone Samchon was sent 34 volumes of Dragon Ball Z and in 2015 was given 74 volumes of One Piece.


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Despite his powers, he has little to no physical strength, as pointed out by Dune when he could hardly do ten curl-ups.

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PAWANGTOTO BO TOGEL BET 100 PERAK PASARAN TERLENGKAP DISKON He can teleport to any place he wants. He uses this along with Flight to go faster. He can also teleport anything or anyone else with him as long as long as contact is maintained. Despite the power has limitations, in Chapter 15 he revealed it would take him three minutes to teleport to SPOON from his current location.

Generally, Naga respects all his seniors at SPOON but close to the beginning he is scared of Haze, however later on he becomes distrusting of him.


NAGATOTO Login Link Alternatif Daftar NAGA TOTO RTP Slot He prefers girls with glasses and who look tough.

Youngjeong is frustrated that Naga is stronger than her in terms of superpowers. Despite that she still tries to get Naga to succeed her and pass on the role to Naja after him. Naga rejects the roles she gives him, he is not interested due to the responsibilities and does not want to trap his cousin into the job. When Youngjeong realizes she is anger as she takes the responsibility of being the strongest seriously.


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#About the song//#Music in this Video//Title - Ngeibü Sanou ( My love )Artist - Toto NagaFeaturing - EasterchilaComposer - Toto NagaAudio Production - Gabri.


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Naga was born with incredible psychic power. Before joining SPOON, Naga used these powers for convenience in his everyday life such as taking notes with his telekinesis and arriving to class last minute with his teleportation. As an infant, Naga's powers would be uncontrollable and potentially dangerous when upset. In order to teach Naga that his powers could hurt others, his parents pretended to be severely injured every time a floating object hit them.

Naga KD Toto Profiles Facebook Other than that, he has no outstanding background story, living an average life, with his parents and school friends, Sahara, Otter, and Otter's Girlfriend.


His weight is 66kg, it is meant to be average, but he weighs the most out of all the characters.

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In the final part of the series, he becomes much colder and confident. He helps people who he believe to deserve it, and his strong sense of justice and morality remain.

In Chapter 100 and Chapter 200, Naga appears as a girl. She looks largely like regular Naga however she has much longer hair tied back in a high ponytail. She also wears a black cardigan instead of his brown jacket, and shorts under her tan skirt.


Lady is madly love with Naga ever since he spoke up for her since a man was groping her on the subway, since that incident she began showing up at his school unannounced and giving him homemade lunches, which Naga enjoyed until he learned she was apart of KNIFE and bombed a subway. Ever since, Lady's intention whenever they meet is seeing or kidnapping him. Naga on the other side is very afraid of her because of the horrible things she has done and her lack of caring for others.

I adore the Nagatoro family (especially their views) Imagine their parents. The trio of ultimate teasing and bullying power that no one else has seen, FEAR: the tororo.


DON39T TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO OFFICIAL TRAILER YouTube Later into the middle of the series, Naga tends to be logical and good-natured, however, he finds his morals being tested as he finds out what it is like to be a hero. He inherited his father's great hatred of criminals and would not hesitate to lead one to death. Even if he feels guilty afterward, he would not understand why.

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Totoy Bato Naga, Naga. 55,062 likes · 15 talking about this. RADIO PERSONALITY 99.1 Love Radio Naga Program Schedule MON-FRI: 9am - 1pm SAT: OFF SUNDAY: 9am -1

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Sahara and Otter [ ]

Don39t Toy with Me Miss Nagatoro Wikipedia Naga's hero concept is a "Uniform warrior" and gets to wear his uniform even after he graduated from high school.

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Translation note: The grade stat can also be translated as sexual. Since there was no context provided on which one it meant. The translater went with grades since we know Naga's grades are mediocre.

He at some point, went fishing with his dad, and when he saw the dead fish he vomited.


The scene changes to SPOON Headquarters and in the background the Flight Team is seen in front of Dana who is enraged. In a later panel Naga and Sasa is rammed by Dana who slams her desk into them and sends them flying through a door.

Naga does not understand Unlucky's way of thinking, but Naga pities him and tries to help him out whenever he can. After the defeat of KNIFE and the time skip, he is shown allowing Unlucky to sleep over at his place after Unlucky's home was damaged from his unlucky ability.


Relationships [ ] Naga's Mom [ ]

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 - Naga Toto

Naga is a teenage Hero who was recruited to SPOON, a crime-fighting organization, to defeat KNIFE. He works with Sasa, and Hyena in the Flight Team.

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Naga's best subject is languages. Subsequently, he is bad at art.

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He is 17 at the beginning of the series. Standing at 175 cm, Naga is a fair skinned gray haired and eyed male. He wears glasses despite having perfect vision and having his eyes constantly closed. He usually wears his school winter uniform; which consists of a white shirt, a dark brown vest, a tie, khaki pants, and a brown blazer. Later in the series he switches to a hoodie given to him by the Horned Invincible People which changes shades based on his power output.

Ever since Number 2. protected and freed Baekmorae from captivity their relationship has been awkward. Naga began to dislike him and got annoyed whenever he saw Number 2.'s face. Naga does not understand how Number 2. can care more about Baekmorae over Osu or even his own brother.


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During the beginning Naga does not have an extreme sense of justice, the only reason he joined SPOON was for money and volunteer service hours, however, he does dislike people who show no regard for life as shown when he got upset at Lady for nearly running someone over. Along with being merciless to those who do things he considers unforgivable, like when he refused to help a criminal who was kidnapping and selling Hybrids when the criminal's leg was crushed under a giant rock.

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 - Naga Toto

His favorite fruits are watermelons and tangerines.

Naga's boss. He has a lot of respect for her. He thinks it is impossible for her to lose, and is afraid of her when she gets angry. He fell in love with her for a minute, but Dana made a scary face and his feelings were gone.

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Naga in casual clothing.

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Naga as seen in the Best Challenge version.

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Naga303 Daftar Naga 303 Judi Togel Slot IDNLIVE ASIA Mr. Naga is very strict with his son, he seems to be very worried about his son's superpowers and he sometimes reminds him to be careful as his superpowers can kill people. He is shown scolding Naga in Chapter 37.


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